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We feel that a whole-house inspection helps you make a more educated decision on the purchase of your new house. Buying a residence is a huge step, and a whole-house inspection makes you a wiser, informed, and smart purchaser.

Comprehensive Home Inspection Service in Warsaw, IN

A home is a new foundation on which you can build a life. On the other hand, it could be a dump that costs you a boatload of money in repairs, not to mention the stress.  A licensed Warsaw home inspector analyzes whether the home you’re looking at is a pit or a palace. The few hours it takes to perform a whole house inspection will save you thousands on any home purchase.

With so much on the table, house buyers seek out Warsaw’s most experienced, knowledgeable group of inspectors. Folks who understand contracting, repair, and construction from every angle of the industry. Crawl Spaces, attics, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC system; at Gold Key Home Inspection, our Warsaw inspector searches each home inside and out, from the roof to the basement. Clients are encouraged and invited to be with the inspector while he/she examines the home, explaining every problem’s value and possible solution.

Come with your questions and ask them during your home inspection. Afterwards, you get a complete written report of the problem areas. If you would prefer a consultation over the phone, just let us know.

The Best Home Inspector in Warsaw

We feel that a whole-house inspection helps you make a more educated decision on the purchase of your new house. Buying a residence is a huge step, and a whole-house inspection makes you a wiser, informed, and smart purchaser.

We will partner with you as a knowledgeable third-party expert looking out for your best interest with whole-home inspections. We will also perform a radon test and a mold test using the latest tools and techniques.

As we said, please be aware that our home inspectors are working in your best interest and will give you information along with a detailed report about the house you are selling or purchasing to keep you up-to-date about your home purchase or things you may want to do to sell your home fast.  

With the type of weather issues experienced in Warsaw, it is crucial to pick an adequate home inspector for one of the most critical financial investments that you will ever make. If you reside in or you are planning on moving to Warsaw, our team is the home inspectors with whom you want to work.

Affordable and Convenient Warsaw Radon Testing

You cannot see, smell, taste, or see radon. However, it could be an issue within the property you are buying. This gas flows around the earth and gets into buildings via holes and cracks in floors and foundations. It accumulates.

Sellers can merely compromise on most radon tests to sidestep responsibility. Who will realize that the testing device has been moved to get a false low or that someone opened a window?

When we perform radon testing in Warsaw properties, we use tamper-resistant, electronic monitors which detect and expose any strange readings of radon, humidity, and temperature brought on by opening the windows.

Power and tilt sensors show if someone relocated the monitor. Barometric pressure readings every hour will even aid in detecting odd radon averages because of extreme weather conditions. We evaluate all data for any indication of suspected tampering.

Mold Inspections Are Important

Mold is a fungus that is found typically outdoors and indoors. The role of mold is to dissolve organisms and recycle them as nutrients into the earth.

Mold is a natural part of our existence. Therefore, it isn’t possible to have a property that is mold free. The objective is to ensure that the levels of mold are not considerably higher indoors than outdoors.

Mold creates toxins which could be dangerous to your health. It could also be deadly if the amount you receive exposure at a high level. Pets, older adults, people with pre-existing health issues (allergens and asthma) and children are very susceptible.

How Mold Develops
A food source
70% or more relative humidity
Temps between 40-100° F
Mold Spores

Water disturbance is a significant factor that, if sustained, will stop mold from getting a firm hold on your property. The recommendation is to have a constant, complete inspection of one’s property that will help with the avoidance of mold contamination. That won’t stop mold from happening, though.

Early detection will highly lessen your mold remediation cost. Examples include seeing a water leak or finding out what is the cause of that musty smell. These are typically indicators of mold.

Getting a mold test is unnecessary once you can see mold growth. However, mold testing brings scientific proof of mold when it isn’t visible. It also indicates the mold type and the level. Testing is valuable as it offers substantial evidence of what is unseen. It also lets you know about the health effects and symptoms brought on by the mold.

Take The Step

We urge you to be a part of your home inspection. We’re pleased to answer any questions or concerns about the property. The home inspection will end with a walk-through that consists of a detailed conversation about our findings and an examination of photo images of items which will be a part of your home inspection report.

Allow us to help in getting rid of any anxiety from the whole home buying process so that you can go forth with confidence, realizing that you have made the correct decision on your most significant investment.

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With the rapid growth in new home construction in Warsaw, we are now doing an increasing number of home inspections. Some home buyers don’t think about getting their property inspected.  However, there are considerable variations in construction practices and building codes in Indiana. Therefore, a home inspection is an excellent investment.

To make sure you’re getting the construction quality, craftsmanship, and building code compliance you’re paying for, get in touch today and arrange an assessment of your potential home.

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